Swedish Ice Scraper

Born a dark and cold winter morning

The idea of the Swedish Ice Scraper was born a dark and cold winter morning 2005 when the inventor was trying to clean-scrape the windshield of his car using a standard ice scraper

Disappointed on the ice scraper's malfunction he decided that there has to be possible to make a better tool for scraping car windows…

Starting to think about what was important in order to make the scraping movement easier and more effective, the inventor - who is a Swedish engineer and designer - found two major features that were required:

1) Thicker material and more “self-weight” of the ice scraper would add extra power to the scraping movement

2) Sharp edges are absolute necessary to get an effective grip on hard ice

The first prototypes was laser cut from thick plates of Acrylic Glass (Polymethyl Methacrylate) which was found to be a perfect material for use in ice scrapers as the density and hardness are close to glass while durability is similar to plastics

Performance in cold

Early tests showed that the only way to achieve enough sharp scraping edges was to use diamond polishing - a time consuming method as it is partly handcrafted and has to be made separately on every scraper

A test series was then made and spread among friends and as the response was overwhelmingly positive it was decided to make the first commercial series

The "Swedish Ice Scraper", also known under the label ”Funk-is”, is still manufactured in the same way and has now been sold in tens of thousands - offering safer traffic and better environment (by less time for the engine running while scraping)

Swedish Ice Scraper has also been a branded winter tool for prestigious carmakers and is today something of an icon among ice scrapers thanks to its high quality and performance

Together with hand holders made in temperature-isolating Neoprene, natural Sheepskin, Lovikka yarn or Pure wool, we are able to offer you a tool making winter mornings look brighter...

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Sincerely Yours
Team Swedish Ice Scraper