Swedish Ice Scraper


Ice scraper - The original Swedish Ice Scraper®

The idea was born a dark and cold winter morning 2005 when the inventor was trying to
clean-scrape the windshield of his car using a standard ice scraper
Disappointed on the ice scraper's malfunction he decided that there has to be possible
to make a better tool for scraping car windows… (Read more in “The Story”)

Unique design developed to meet the Nordic winters where each ice scraper is tooled
from 5 or 6 mm thick, massive Acrylic Glass and the edges are sharpened by diamond

A generous thickness (self-weight), sharp edges and a plough shaped blade contributes
to efficient scraping power including easy access to narrow corners
An ergonomic design features also a central hole for quick finger grip

Choose one of our test winning basic models available in three sizes, and find in our
collection tailor made hand-warmers made by Swedish craftsmen in selected materials
like Gotland Sheepskin, Swedish Lovikka-yarn, Pure Wool, Leather, etc

For some models you can choose the color of ice scraper with the hand-warmer as you

We can also offer ice scrapers with private label (logo print) from stock or to make a full
custom design after your specifications (Read more in “Private Label” and contact us for
a proposal)

Use your Swedish Ice Scraper® to clean-scrape the car windows all around for
clear sight and safer navigation on winter roads

Super Scraper News

New colors!
(2017-11-20) Swedish Ice Scraper now available on Amazon in Germany and UK

New colors!
(2017-08-10) The new Mini3 Clear Frost 6 mm is the biggest Mini we have made

Mercedes Benz
(2016-11-21) For Mercedes

Sleeve & Glove
(2015-12-16) Ice scraper test by The Wirecutter (US) performed
at Ford extreme weather test facility.

Read the whole test here >>

10 years anniversary
(2015-11-25) Custom “Solid Black” for Audi NL

(2015-09-08) Swedish Ice Scraper & Tärnsjö Garveri for Lexus

Sleeve & Glove
(2015-03-02) "Sleeve & Glove Concept" - the new all-in-one accessory

10 years anniversary
(2015-02-19) Swedish Ice Scraper celebrates 10 years anniversary; 2005-2015