Swedish Ice Scraper

The idea of the Swedish Ice Scraper was born on a dark and cold winter morning in 2005, when the inventor was trying to clean the windscreen of his car using a standard ice scraper. Disappointed with the ice scrapers performance, he knew it would be possible to make a better tool for scraping car windows.

Starting to think about what was important in order to make the scraping movement easier and more effective the inventor, who is a Swedish engineer and designer, found two major features were required:

  • Thicker material and more "self-weight" of the ice scraper would add extra power to the scraping movement.
  • Sharp edges are absolutely necessary to get an effective grip on hard ice.

A small first series were made to test the market and as response was overwhelmingly positive it was decided to go commercial. The Swedish Ice Scraper is still manufactured in the same way and has now been sold in tens of thousands all over the world. It is also a branded winter tool for prestigious carmakers, thanks to its performance and quality.

In 2019 the Swedish Ice Scraper brand was purchased by a long-standing retail partner, NP Autoparts, who have exciting plans to grow the awareness of this great product around the world.

Swedish Ice Scraper
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Laser Cut. Diamond Polished. Ergonomic Shape.

Sharp edges and a plough shaped blade contribute to efficient scraping power.
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The unique design of the Swedish Ice Scraper has been developed to meet the demanding Nordic winters. Each ice scraper is manufactured from 6mm thick, recycled acrylic glass, with the edges sharpened by diamond polishing.

The generous thickness "self-weight", sharp edges and plough shaped blade contribute to efficient scraping power, including easy access to narrow corners. The ergonomic design features a central hole for quick finger grip and a wiper blade cleaning slot.

Laser Cut
Laser Cut

Manufactured from 6mm Recycled Acrylic Glass and Laser Cut for an exact finish. Smooth corners help protect the rubber window seals.

Diamond Polish
Diamond Polished

All scraping edges have a Diamond Polished finish for use on frosted windscreens, firm ice and a useful slot for clearing windscreen wipers.

Ergonomic Shape
Ergonomic Shape

Functional and Ergonomic Shape for effective scraping power. Fitted with a temperature isolating Neoprene Holder for extra warmth and comfort.

Plough Shaped Blade
Plough Shaped Blade

The angled shape of the ice scraper contributes to efficient clearing of frost and ice, whilst allowing for easy access to narrow corners.

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In 2019 the Swedish Ice Scraper brand was purchased by a long-standing retail partner, NP Autoparts, who have exciting plans to grow the awareness of this great product around the world.
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What Customers Say

We welcome all feedback and encourage our customers to review the Swedish Ice Scraper so we can continue to develop and evolve.
Here is what some of our customers have to say...

Great product, easy to use and less time consuming than using a traditional scraper.

D Rotherham amazon.co.uk

Simple but good. The ice scraper is thin so will fit easily in a door pocket. It can easily be found because of the bright colour. The ice scraper takes away ice on car windows with little effort. It fits well in your hands.

eBay Customer ebay.co.uk

I've used this all winter so far, the scraper leared the soft type of frost and the rock hard frozen sleet with equal aplomb.

R Mason amazon.co.uk

Lightweight with great features. Easy to use and very comfortable thanks to small padded handle.

eBay Customer eBay.co.uk

High quality, easy to use and durable.

Rawaz K amazon.co.uk

Very good at frost and ice. The diamond polished acrylic cuts straight through ice and frost. Very satisfying.

eBay Customer eBay.co.uk
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